Meridian Pet Parent Resource


dogs6__1454606363_60744Meridian is a beautiful city, just outside of Boise that is extremely welcoming to pets. The dog parks here are designed to create a great experience for pets and many of the city parks are even designed to be pet friendly.


The point of this resource is to provide pet parents in the area or even those who are just visiting the information they need for their pets. Whether you are looking for a pet store in Meridian or a pet friendly hotel, we have you covered. You will be able to find out about all the pet related businesses we have found in the area. To make things easier we have broken the content down into sections so you can find what you are looking for. Take a look at what we have found. If you know about something we are missing, let  us know! We will take the time to update the resource for all those who read it.


Dogs at Play


shutterstock_105631460__1454606817_35175Playing is essential for dogs. They need the ability to run around and get out their energy. This is great for their health as it helps keep them at a healthy weight while also improving their cardiovascular system. More than this it is a great way to ensure they get out their energy so they do not destroy your home. There are many ways your dog can play with you or with others in the area. Take a trip to the pet store in Meridian so that you can find toys to take with you whether you are going for a dog meetup or just to the dog park for a day of  fun and exercise.



Dog Parks

There may only be one dog park in the city limits of Meridian but there are other options out there. If you want to switch it up and go to a different dog park there are a few within a few minute drive of the city. We have included them here so that you can have the information in case you want to go. This can make for a great day when you are visiting a pet store in Meridian or other activities with your pet.


Storey Bark Park

430 E Watertower LN

Meridian, ID 83642



This park offers two and a quarter acres of fenced in fun for your pet. There are separate areas for large and small dogs to ensure their safety as well as a safe leashing and unleashing area at this dog park in Meridian. It is adorably decorated with dog themed signs throughout, a mutt mitt station and plenty of clean up locations throughout. There are also water fountains for people and pups here which makes it easy to stay hydrated. This is a brand new park that just opened in August of 2015 so you will find that it has modern accommodations for pets and pet parents.


Nampa Dog Park

2900 2nd St. S

Nampa, ID 83686


This is the official dog park for the city of Nampa which is just a few minute drive from Meridian. Here you will find six acres  of space where dogs can run and play. There are separate areas to ensure the safety of dogs here as well as walking trails you can enjoy with your pup. Here you will find a good deal of shade as well as water for your pets. This can be a great way to spend the day when you want to enjoy some time in the open air where your pet can run off leash and play with other dogs.


Military Reserve Dog Park

750 Mountain Cove Rd

Boise, ID 83702


This is a small dog park located at Fort Boise Park. Here you will find a fully fenced play area for pets. You will need to make sure to clean up after your pet if you come here as well as bring your own poop bags and water as the park is not designed to cater to this.


Morris Hill Park

10 N Roosevelt St

Boise, ID 83702


This is a small one acre park that is fenced so you can let your dog run free. It is located at Morris Hill Park and you will find mulched ground here. There is one picnic shelter as well as fire hydrants and a dog obstacle course to give your pup something to do while you are here. This can be a fun park for a small dog meetup as it is not too large and there are plenty of things to do. Keep in mind that the water fountains here only provide water from the middle of April until the middle of October.


Redwood Park

2675 N Shamrock Rd

Boise, ID 83702


This is a small community park in Boise. The interesting thing about the park is that it is entirely dog friendly. You can allow your pet to be off leash from sunrise to 10 AM and 4 PM until sunset in all areas except the playground and the parking lot for safety reasons. The rest of the day your dog will need to be on leash. Make sure you bring supplies to clean up after your pet as these are not available at the park.


Pine Grove Park

8995 W Shoup Dr.

Boise, ID 83702


This is an unfinished park in the city of Boise. While it is open to the public, it is pretty bare as funding is needed to complete the park to what it is intended to be. When it is finished there will be walking paths, several shelters and much more. This will be turned into a park for pets and people alike, though at the moment it is really only designed for pets.


Manitou Park

2025 S. Manitou Ave

Boise, ID 83702


Almost half of this 11 acre park is devoted to the dog park here. Keep in mind that this is not a fenced in park but rather an open space where you can bring your dog for a frolic through the park or to meet up with friends. There are certain times of the day when dogs are allowed off leash here and times when they must be on leash. Make sure you check with the park signs to ensure you are allowed to have your pet off leash for the time of day you are at the park.


Parks That Allow Dogs

If you do not feel like going to the dog park in Meridian and would rather just go to a regular park in the city, there are several that will allow you to bring your pet. Here are the ones that we know of in the area that are great to visit before or after a trip to the pet store in Meridian. This can be a great way to spend the day with family and friends while also including your furry family members.


Meridian Settlers Park

3245 Meridian Rd

Meridian, ID 83642


This is a large park that has plenty of offer residents. There are ball courts and fields as well as a large playground for children. There are plenty trails here to keep things interesting. The city even provides mutt mitt stations throughout the park to allow pet parents to clean up after their pets while they are on walks. You will find this to be a fun place to visit for events or just for a morning stroll with your pet to give a change of pace.


Bear Creek Park

2400 Stoddard Rd

Meridian, ID 83642


This is a community park located in the heart of the city. The park offers a playground, disc golf course in the winter, basketball court and trails for walking. There are clean up stations here so you can clean up after your pet.


Heroes Park

3064 W. Malta Dr.

Meridian, ID 83642


This is a gorgeous community park that sits on just over 30 acres of land. Here you will find all the amenities you could hope for in a park. There is a nice playground for children to play on. There are basketball courts as well as open play areas for running around or engaging in other sports. There are shelters with picnic tables here so you can get some shade and even have a picnic lunch. There are also walking trails around the park which allow you to get your walking in or simply take your dog for a nice walk. You will also find mutt mitt stations throughout the park.


Gordon Harris Park

2400 E. Three Bars Dr

Meridian, ID 83642


Though this park does not have a large playground or plentiful amenities like other parks in the city, they do have ample open play space and walking trails. This means that you can enjoy running and playing with your pet here or even just going for a nice walk. They also have mutt mitt stations in the park to make it easy to clean up after your pet.


Dog Beaches

Unfortunately Meridian is a landlocked city. This means that there are not any beaches in the area. There are also not any dog beaches in the general area that you can take your dog too. This does not mean that your dog will miss out on experiencing water. You can take them to a lake to enjoy the natural water here or you can also take them to a pool where they can jump in and splash around. If you do take them to a pool, it can be helpful to do this right before you take them to the pet store in Meridian for a bath as you do not want to leave the chlorine on their skin as it can be irritating and damaging.


Dog Meetup (Doggy Date)shutterstock_172940522__1454605130_47647

There are not any specific listings for dog meetups in Meridian. This does not mean that they  do not exist, just that they are not advertised in this manner. You can create your own, wait for ones to be available in your area or you can check out these other meetups in the area.


Boise Hiking with Dogs


This meetup is designed  for people who enjoy hiking and love their dogs. They are a large group with over 800 members. The meetups with this group can be just a hike or can be something more involved such as a nosework hike where your dog will improve their nosework skills. They have frequent meetups to give you plenty of opportunities to get involved with your pet.


Boise Small Dogs Meetup


The idea behind this meetup group is to give smaller dogs who are afraid of large dogs the chance to meet up in a safe and non threatening environment. They welcome dogs under 20 pounds. The group meets on the third Saturday of every month at the founder’s home as she has more than an acre of land for the dogs to run free at.


Sophie’s Goldendoodles Meet at the Dog Park


As you can guess from the name, this group is designed for goldendoodles in the area. This is just an annual event where goldendoodles can get together to play and show off their skills. It takes place at Nampa dog park which has plenty of space to accommodate a good sized group event such as this. If you are in the area and have a goldendoodle, then head to the pet store in Meridian to get clean and looking great and then head to the annual event.


Dogs Around Town


Most pet parents don’t want to leave their pets at home. The hard part is knowing the places you can take your pet aside from just the pet store in Meridian. There are several places that you can take your pet, such as with you to a restaurant or bar. The idea behind this list is to give you a better understanding of the businesses that welcome pets. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list as not all businesses advertise that they are a pet friendly location or the policy may change. This is why it is helpful to take the time to call ahead of time before you take your pet with you around town.


Dog Friendly Restaurants + Barsshutterstock_103711649__1455640250_26633

Going to a dog friendly restaurant in Meridian can be a great way to spend the day with your pet. There are only a couple restaurants in Meridian that are dog friendly but there are more if you want to travel within about 10 miles of the city. This can allow you to plan a  full day of activities, including going to the pet store in Meridian to pick up items for your pet or for a grooming appointment.


Sonic Drive In

2160 E. Fairview Ave

Meridian, ID 83642



If you are looking for fast food you can enjoy with your dog then this is a great place to go. Here you can enjoy the slushies, hot dogs and so much more. The nice thing is you never have to leave the comfort of your vehicle unless you want to sit at one of the tables. This can be a great way to spend the day with your dog.


The Curb Bar and Grill

1760 S. Meridian Dr

Meridian, ID 83642



This restaurant offers traditional American cuisine as well as local beers and favorites. They offer live music on certain days and times to create an enhanced atmosphere. They welcome dogs at their outdoor seating area. Just make sure you bring a collapsible bowl for your dog’s water.


Rembrandts Coffee House

93 Eagle Rd

Eagle, ID 83616



This is a coffeehouse and cafe. Not only do they offer a nice ambiance for enjoying your coffee and food they also have an outdoor area where you can take enjoy your meal with your pet. This is a trendy spot in the area and can be a great way to meet new people or have a meetup with other friends with pets.


Flying M Coffeehouse

1314 2nd St S

Nampa, ID 83751



This is a coffeehouse that also has a bakery. This means you can get your morning coffee along with a bagel or other baked good to complete the morning. They are a dog friendly location that also supports local artists and musicians.


Westside Drive In

1929 W State St.

Boise, ID 83702



1113 Parkcenter Blvd

Boise, ID 83702



This is a restaurant that has both a cafe and a drive in. This means that you can either enjoy a meal inside the restaurant or you can sit in your car and have the food brought to you. This is how you can enjoy a meal with your dog here. There are antique car shows regularly at both locations which can give something else fun to do on an afternoon out with your dog after going to the pet store in Meridian.


Mazzah Mediterranean Grill

1772 W. State St

Boise, ID 83702



404 E Parkcenter Blvd

Boise, ID 83702



If you are in the mood for Mediterranean food and want to bring your dog with you then you should check out this restaurant. Here you will find many great options including falafel, gyros and chicken or beef shawarma.


Dutch Goose

3515 W State St

Boise, ID 83702




This is a bar that serves basic finger foods, burgers and steamed clams. They have darts, a horseshoe pit and much more to provide a ton of fun while you are here. Dogs are welcome on the patio where there is plenty going on. Just make sure your dog is well behaved and on a leash.


The Symposion

2801 Fletcher St

Boise, ID 83702



This is a bar located in the heart of Boise that prides itself on being pet friendly.  Since they do not serve food, the bar is  able to allow people to bring their dogs with them into the bar. This means you can enjoy a beer or your favorite cocktail with your pup and then play a game of pool or just enjoy the atmosphere.


Java Downtown

223 North 6th St.

Boise, ID  83702



This is a coffee bar that also sells freshly made baked goods  such as scones and muffins. There is a trendy space inside where you can enjoy coffee with friends or you can come with your dog and sit outside at their patio. There is no covering on the patio so it is really only a feasible option if the weather allows for it.


Stores That Allow Pets

Unfortunately there aren’t any stores here aside from the pet store in Meridian that advertise being pet friendly. However, this does not mean that there are not stores out there that are pet friendly. The next time you are in a store, especially one that does not sell food, you should ask about their pet policy. You  may find that you can bring your pet with you. If you find out about any stores in the area that are pet friendly, let us know and we will update the list here.


Dog Friendly Hotels

Whether you are considering a staycation or are visiting Meridian, it is important to know the hotels you can stay at with your dog. We have provided a list of the options in Meridian as well as some in the surrounding area to give you even more options. Keep in mind that many people look for dog grooming from a pet store in Meridian before they spend the night in a hotel. Not only does this make your pet smell better, you can feel confident they will not leave behind any odors.


Candlewood Suites Boise Meridian

1855 S Silverstone Way

Meridian, ID 83642



This is a hotel that offers decently priced rooms that are close to local events. They even offer free wifi to guests. Pets are welcome here as long as they are under 80 pounds. There is a deposit of $15 and a per night fee of $15. If you plan on staying for more than a week you should know that the cap on the fee is $150. These are non-refundable charges.


Towneplace Suites by Marriott Boise West Meridian

1415 South Eagle Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This hotel is pet friendly and allows you to bring up to two pets with you as long as their weight does not exceed 50 pounds. The pet fee here is $50 per stay. The hotel is located in Treasure Valley and offers free wifi and breakfast to patrons. Keep in mind that the hotel is smoke free so if you are a smoker that wants to smoke in their room you will need to find another hotel.


Mr. Sandman Inn and Suites Boise

1575 S Meridian Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This hotel offers several options for rooms and suites. They have a pet policy that guests to bring up to two dogs with them for their stay. They do charge a $15 per night pet fee. They have an outdoor pool that can be used when the weather is permitting and they also offer an airport shuttle.


Motel 6 Meridian

1047 S Progress Ave

Meridian, ID 83642



This motel allows guests to bring their pets with them when they stay here. The nice thing about this is that the rooms are already at a low cost and the office does not charge anything extra to bring your dog with you. However, they do not allow dogs to be left unattended at the hotel which means sightseeing will be limited dog friendly locations.


Country Inn and Suites by Carlson

3355 E Pine Ave

Meridian, ID 83642



This hotel offers several different options for rooms as well as plentiful amenities to make this a great experience. They have a fitness center, indoor pool, complimentary breakfast buffet and much more. They do allow up to two pets to stay here for a fee of $40 per pet per stay. They do limit the rooms they allow the pets to stay in so make sure you reserve your room with plenty of notice.


Holiday Inn Express Inn and Suites Boise West Meridian

2610 E Freeway Dr

Meridian, ID 83642



This hotel offers plenty of rooms to choose from as well as several amenities. They have a pool on the facility as well as a fitness center. This is a non smoking hotel, so make sure you keep this in mind when booking your room. They do have a limited number of pet friendly rooms where you can bring up to two dogs for $30 per dog per stay. They do allow dogs to be left in the room unattended as long as they are well behaved.


Best Western Plus Rama Inn

1019 S Progress Ave

Meridian, ID 83642



This hotel offers everything you would expect from a Best Western. While they do not offer a ton of amenities like other hotels, they do have reasonable rates for their rooms. They are a pet friendly hotel and allow two dogs up to 80 pounds per room for $20 a night with a $100 maximum on the pet fee. They also offer a full complimentary breakfast and free wifi.


Shilo Inn and Suites Nampa

1401 Shilo Dr

Nampa, ID 83687



Here you will find a non smoking hotel where every room is dog friendly. They allow up to two dogs to stay in the room for $15 per night for the dog. You will find many amenities here such as a sauna/steam room as well  as free wifi. They even have cribs and safe deposits available upon request.


Super 8 Nampa

624 Northside Blvd

Nampa. ID 83687



If you are looking for cheap lodgings where you can bring your pet, this is the place to go. They allow pets in the rooms for $10 a night. If you use a credit card there is no deposit but if you pay for the room in another form you will need to pay a $50 deposit to cover the possible cleaning fee if you do not leave the room in the same condition.


Holiday Inn Express Inn and Suites Nampa Idaho Center

4104 East Flamingo Ave

Nampa, ID 83687



This hotel is designed to be pet friendly with specific rooms. While they do not charge a per night fee, there is a cleaning fee of $25 per stay that is added to your bill when you bring your pet. The hotel offers many amenities including free internet, an indoor pool, a fitness center and a complimentary breakfast.


Rodeway Inn Nampa

130 Shannon Dr

Nampa, ID 83687



This is a smaller hotel that allows guests to bring up to two dogs weighing 40 pounds with them for $10 per night per dog. There are a few amenities at this hotel that are worth noting including the complimentary breakfast, the outdoor pool and the laundry facilities here.


Sleep Inn Nampa

1315 Industrial Rd

Nampa, ID 83687



This is a smaller hotel where you will find pet friendly accommodations. They will allow guests to bring up to two dogs or two cats to the room. The cost for this service is $25 per night. The only thing to keep in mind with this is that they only have four pet friendly rooms here. So if you plan on staying here then you need to make sure you make your reservation long enough in advance that you can ensure you get one of these few pet friendly rooms.


Oxford Suites Boise

1426 S Entertainment Ave

Boise, ID 83709



This is an upscale hotel where you can stay in luxury and comfort with your pet. This hotel is the #1 rated hotel in Boise. The pet policy here allows for patrons to bring up to two dogs with them for a fee of $25 per night. There are many amenities that will make staying at this hotel an experience to remember.


The Riverside Hotel

2900 Chinden Blvd

Boise, ID 83714



This hotel offers all the amenities you hope to find when you are traveling. They have high end sheets and beds, coffeemakers and hairdryers in the rooms. They also offer complimentary wifi and breakfast. Pets are welcome here though there is a $35 pet fee that is non-refundable.


Annual Dog Events

Sadly there are no advertised dog events in the Meridian area. This does not mean that there are not events that you can take your dog to. Some events simply do not advertise that they allow pets. A good indicator is if the event is outdoors in an area that is pet friendly, such as one of the city parks, then chances are you can bring your pet. If you want to be sure then you can contact the coordinator for the event to ensure that pets will be welcome. If you find out about any of these annual events that do allow pets, let us know and will will post it here so others can see it as well.


Animal Services

Not only are there stores for people that love animals, but there are stores for animals that love people and here is a blurb about pet services in town. And maybe talk about wellness and crap.


Pet Stores

shutterstock_110591582__1455210743_22829Going to the pet store in Meridian can be a great way to spend the day with your pet. Not only will you be able to stock up on the things you need for your pet but you can also pamper them. This could be with a new toy, a  soft new bed or even with a grooming service. There are a few options you should know about in the city.




2210 N Eagle Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This is no different from the plethora of other Petco locations out there. You will find your basic big box store items here. They have items for just about any household pet you may have. There are grooming services here as well as veterinary services. You can also buy certain animals here such as fish, reptiles and even birds.  



Meridian Crossroads

1120 N Eagle Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



Most people who have pets are familiar with Petsmart because they are found in basically every city in the country. They are essentially the same thing as Petco in terms of what they offer. You will find products for your dogs, cats and just about any other pet you may have. They have cages, training classes, sell some pets such as cats, fish and more. They also have a grooming salon and veterinary services at the location.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique


Meridian, ID 83642



This is a very different pet store than the others listed here. For one, the store only focuses on dogs and cats to provide better services. Here you will find a boutique with all the pet essentials you can think of. They offer high end products for toys and furniture as well as food and treats. In addition to this there is a full service grooming salon. What makes this different from the other salons that offer dog grooming in Meridian is that here you will find the signature bath membership. This membership allows you to bring your pet in as much as you want for a bath and brush throughout the month while only paying the membership fee which starts at $39.95. This is designed to help keep pets clean and happy while still allowing them to get dirty as dogs love to do.


Vets & Animal Hospitalsshutterstock_293733470__1455640398_32793

Going to vets in Meridian is an essential part of life as a pet parent. There are many things the vet can do for your pet. The most important of this is wellness exams which help to catch medical or dental issues before they become a huge problem for your pet. If you do not already have a vet, then it is a good idea to look at the ones here in the area and find the one that will be best suited for your pet. Even if you are not ready for your visit to the vet, it is still good to have one selected.


River City Veterinary Hospital

2250 W Everest LN

Meridian, ID 83642



This vet offers an extensive list of medical services to ensure that they provide the best possible care for your pet. They have specials for first time patients. In addition to this the office even offers doggy daycare, pet boarding and grooming services. This allows the pets they help to get the all around quality care they deserve.


All Valley Animal Care

2326 E Cinema Dr

Meridian, ID 83642



This is a veterinary practice that has 3 locations in the area. There is only one in Meridian and the other two locations are in Boise. The Meridian locations is a 24 hour emergency center as well. This means if something happens to your pet in the middle of the night you do not have to wait to be seen. They also have staff that will take your calls over the phone to determine whether or not you should bring your pet in. This practice offers dog grooming in Meridian, boarding and pet adoption services.


Intermountain Pet Hospital

800 W Overland Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This vet hospital believes in educating the pet parents they see. Their vets will take the time to talk with you during visits or you can view their resource online. They offer full medical care at this facility and even offer free animal transport to get your pet to and from their animal hospital in a safe environment. In addition to this they also offer grooming and boarding services as well as doggy day camp here.


Meridian Veterinary Hospital

421 W. Franklin Rd

Meridian, ID 83642


This veterinary hospital first opened in 1941 so for more than 70 years they have been serving the Meridian area. Here you will find full medical care that includes orthopedic services and surgical procedures. They also have a store where you can buy items you need for your pet, such as vitamins, chewing aids, grooming supplies, and much more.


Pet Care Clinic

1151 E Fairview Ave

Meridian, ID 83642



This veterinary clinic prides itself on helping all different types of pets in the area. Whether you have a golden retriever or a parakeet you can bring your pet here. They have hours six days a week. They also  have a surgical suite, pharmacy and lab on site to make things easier on pet parents. They offer both medical and dental care for your pet.


Settlers Park Veterinary Hospital

3220 N Meridian Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This animal hospital provides diagnostic services as well as treatment. They have a surgical ward where they can perform surgeries. They also offer behavioral counseling as well as dietary counseling. They have emergency services here. There are also internal medicine vets here to help give your pet the specific care they need.


Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital

2600 S. Meridian Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This animal hospital offers a wide range of wellness and emergency services for cats and dogs as well as exotic pets. They focus on connecting with both the pets they service and the pet parents. They offer grooming services here as well as a program where you can drop off your pet off for their visit on your way to work and then pick them up when you are done for no additional charge.


Linder Pet Medical Care

1785 W Cherry LN

Meridian, ID 83642



This veterinary practice handles everything from well visits for your pet to diagnostic and treatment. They even offer dental services, surgery and pain management. In addition to their calm, pet friendly facility they also have a mobile clinic that can come to you and help you get the care you need for your pet.


Animal  Medical Center

1365 S Five Mile Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This animal care center has been serving the Meridian area since 1976 offering care for cats, dogs, and horses. They offer everything from basic wellness and preventative care as well as laser therapy. They also provide pet boarding for pets in the area.


Sunnyside Animal Hospital

5100 Star Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



Whether you are looking for basic medical care for your pet or geriatric care for your pet, you will find it here. While they do not offer emergency services or surgical procedures they do have behavioral counseling services as well as pet boarding and grooming for pets.


Pet Sitting and Daycare

shutterstock_275863976__1455640557_79530When you cannot be home with your pet, there are many options to help provide your pet with the care they need. You may want to go with pet boarding in Meridian or even just choose a pet sitter. Another option with this is doggy daycare which is designed to watch your pet during the day rather than overnight. These are the places in the area that you need to know about when you need someone to watch your pup.



Camp Bow Wow

2134 E Franklin Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This is a large franchise company that offers doggy daycare in Meridian. In addition to the daycare there are several other services available here including pet sitting and pet boarding. This can be a great way for you to find just the service that will work for your particular pet.


North Star Kennel and Spaw

4435 N Black Cat Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This kennel offers day care as well as a kennel for pets. They have several different options for your pet, including luxury condos they can stay in while they are here. In addition to this they have other services that will make your pet’s time with the kennel the best possible. This includes water therapy, supervised nature walks and grooming services.


Kibby’s Kennels

2820 S Eagle Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This kennel offers more than 30 years of experience with pets. They are designed to keep your pet safe and happy while you are away. They have air conditioning and heating in the kennels to ensure that your dog does not get too hot or cold while they are here. There is an indoor dog run as well as an outdoor dog run your pet can enjoy depending on the weather. They even offer dog grooming in Meridian to help provide you with the services you need.


Gem Crest Kennels, LLC

12868 Goldenrod Ave

Boise, ID 83713



This kennel is designed to give pet parents the security they are looking for when they leave their pet for boarding. They do this through the use of closed circuit cameras. You can go online and see just what is going on with your pet at any given time. In addition to this the kennel also provides grooming services for the dogs they see.


Emerald Street Kennels

9764 Emerald Street

Boise, ID 83704



At this kennel you will find several services to meet your needs. They have a self service tubs, overnight boarding and doggy daycare. In addition to this they have a cattery, which is their cat boarding program. They have webcam available and you can book your pet’s stay on their website.


Pet Inn Place

415 W Franklin Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



Here you will find boarding services for both cats and dogs. They have several different room options for your pet so you can find the one that is right for them. There are other services that are provided here including bathing, the administration of medication and more.


Classi K-9 Clips

453 N Main St

Meridian, ID 83642



The main focus of this location is to provide grooming services to the community of Meridian. However, they also offer dog boarding for your pet to make things convenient. They have a welcoming atmosphere which customers love.



5100 Star Rd

Meridian, ID 83642



This is another facility that focuses on grooming yet offers boarding as well. They have different size kennels and dog runs to accommodate dogs of all sizes. In addition to this they also medicine administration and other services for pets who stay here.



Another service you need to keep in mind as a pet parent is dog training in Meridian. Now there are many people who train their pets on their own, but do not think there is an issue if this is not something you can  do. While there are several trainers in the area, the list contains only one listing. This is because the other businesses have been listed previously under the kennels that also offer training. If you are looking for something other than the one listed below, look at the previous section to get an idea of the options available to you.


Sit Means Sit Dog Training

2374 E Cinema Dr #104

Boise, ID 83642



This company offers many different options for training your dog. Whether you work with animals already and want to take your lunch break to learn more you want to send your pup for their board and train program, they will be able to help you. They have classes as well as private lessons you can purchase.


Adoption & Shelters & Pet Shops

shutterstock_175201805__1455641315_69652Dog adoption in Meridian can be a great way to add to your family. Sure there is also the thought of buying a puppy from a breeder but if you want to give a  second chance to an animal that will love you all its life, then this is the way to go. It is important to note that All Valley Animal Center offers adoption but since they were mentioned previously we have not added them to the list here. The other listing in the city of Meridian is listed here. Keep in mind that there may be other rescues or shelters outside of the city where you can adopt a pet from, but for this we are simply listing the ones located in Meridian.


Poop Removal
Unfortunately there are not any poop removal services in the area. This does not mean that they will not come at some point. If this is a service you would like, then you can keep an eye out for a business to open up (or suggest someone you know start the business). Until then you can either just take care of poop scooping duty on your own or pay someone to handle the job for you.