Myths About Dog Adoption in Meridian and the Truth Behind it

Adopting a pet can be one of the best choices you ever make as you will have a companion there for you all the time. When you need a laugh you know you can count on your dog to be silly or when you are sad they will cuddle with you and give you kisses. When it comes to dog adoption in Meridian though there are a few myths most people still accept as fact. This is why it is helpful to understand the truth behind these myths so you can be fully educated.


Myth #1: Dogs in Shelters Have Behavioral Issues

shutterstock_152097917__1455728312_66295There is a common myth that all dogs in shelters have problems. This could be behavioral issues such as aggression or something mental. This is what keeps many people from going in for dog adoption in Meridian. The truth of the matter here is that most dogs that are left in shelters are there for reasons that have nothing to do with their behavior. They are left there because their owner can no longer care for them. It could be because the owner is moving to a new place that does not allow them to take pets. They could have lost their job and not have the money to care for the pet.


There are many reasons why a dog is taken to a shelter and you should not assume they are all going to be problem pets. In fact, most shelters do testing on animals brought to their facility to determine whether they have behavioral, mental, or medical issues before they are ever placed out with the other animals that are up for adoption.


Myth #2: All Dogs in Shelters are Oldshutterstock_175201805__1455641315_69652

Sure at any shelter you are bound to find dogs who are old and are looking for dog adoption in Meridian. This is part of life. However, not all dogs in shelters are old. There are many who are young and you may even find puppies at shelters. While puppies and younger dogs will usually get adopted faster than older dogs, you will generally find both at shelters.


It is important to keep in mind that old dogs are not unadoptable. These dogs are often more lovable than younger dogs. They may not have as many years left but they will appreciate your time just as much as a young dog, if not more. Also, if you are looking to save money adopting an old dog is generally cheaper than a young dog.


Myth #3: All Dogs in Shelters are Mutts

For people who want a purebred dog, the idea of a mutt can seem unappealing. Even though the majority of dogs in shelters are mutts, there are still many purebred dogs here as well. This means you can still find the dog you are looking for. Also, if you want to go with dog adoption in Meridian for a specific breed then you can look for a breed specific rescue in the area. Also, keep in mind that having a mutt is not a bad thing. Mutts can be just as lovable as any other dog. More than that,  with their unique look they will be easier to identify if they ever get lost.