All Too Common Mistakes for Dog Grooming in Meridian

There are many underrated necessities for pet health in the world. One of the most underrated is the need for regular dog grooming in Meridian, due to the pervasive mentality that it’s a luxury. Many pet parents neglect what dog grooming truly means and how it affects the life and health of their pet. Here are some of the biggest, most common mistakes pet parents make in regards to regular grooming needs.

Thinking Dog Grooming in Meridian is Completely Unnecessary

shutterstock_222713830__1455642021_74387The biggest mistake most pet parents make is the assumption that regular, full-stop dog grooming in Meridian is an unnecessary part of pet life. There’s this idea that dog grooming is a luxury and does nothing more than clean the pet, but this idea simplifies the act of dog grooming to an incredible extent.


With full-stop dog grooming, your dog’s skin and coat health are rejuvenated and maintained with grooming at regular intervals. Dog groomers are able to detect bugs, skin sores, poor coat health, and make sure the nails and foot hair are trimmed and healthy. They are also able to maintain a matt-free coat.

Human Shampoos are Just as Good as Dog Soap

The problem with using human shampoos to clean your dog lies in the fact that dogs and humans require different levels of natural oils to remain in their hair. The shampoos made for humans often remove the oils that dogs need in their fur to keep their coats and skin healthy. What might seem convenient and non-dangerous once or twice can greatly affect your pet’s health over time and should be avoided.

All Dog Grooming in Meridian is the Sameshutterstock_305879738__1455642101_10722

Levels of grooming knowledge and professionalism differs from place to place. While there is a dog grooming association, there is really no specific training anyone must get to become a dog groomer. As you research dog grooming in Meridian, make sure to compile a list of questions and know what you want in your dog groomer. Some groomers will have backgrounds in dog behaviors while others will not. This can help with more nervous or aggressive dogs. Make sure to tell your groomer about any personality issues your dog may have in order to maintain dog safety for your pet and for the human handler.

Dogs Need Baths Every Time They Get Dirty

While it can be annoying to have dog who played in the mud and want to come inside, if you bath your dog too much you run the risk of drying out their coat and fur. In many cases, dogs have fur that can be cleaned with a simple brush or wet nap between grooming sessions. Minimum full bath grooming is suggested minimally once every 4 weeks. Any more often may cause dried skin or coat damage. If your dog is particularly filthy, you may break the rule every now and then, but it should never be made a habit.