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Dog Grooming Tips from Vets in Meridian

There are many important facets to maintaining optimal dog health. Some of the most obvious include proper nutrition, exercise, and quality time. However, there’s another part of dog health that vets in Meridian recommend pet parents pay attention to: the grooming needs of your pet. Dog grooming isn’t just a luxury or superficial part of dog care, but in fact, better dog grooming creates a healthier pet with a stronger coat and better skin. Here are some grooming needs vets in Meridian recommend every pet owner consider:

Dental Care

shutterstock_254863540__1455727862_78949Many pet parents might not think about the health of their dog’s mouth, but it can be just as damaged as the human mouth if not taken care of. Dogs can contract gingivitis, different forms of mouth cancer and diseases, and if you know what your dog’s breath smells like when she’s healthy can help show signs of deeper illnesses in our pet. If you’re not sure you’re ready to handle brushing your dog’s teeth, some groomers may do it for an extra cost. If your current dog groomer doesn’t, you may also be able to find vets in Meridian who will.

Brushing the Coat

It doesn’t matter if your dog has long or short, short hair. Regular brushing of the coat is an excellent way to improve your pet’s overall physical health. Vets in Meridian say that brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis allows the dead hair to be pulled out and can assist with the shedding of the seasonal coat. Some dogs need more brushing than others in order to be healthy. Make sure you do appropriate research on the needs of your pet’s coat as over-brushing too intensely may cause irritated skin, rashes, hot spots, and overall pet discomfort.

Pet Bathingshutterstock_194407181__1455641988_78414

Bathing your pet is also important for dog health. Vets in Meridian say that while bathing too frequently may cause dry skin and bathing too little may do little to help in the maintenance of better dog health, regular baths can actually help improve overall health in the long run. If you decide not to use a professional groomer for your pet’s bathing needs, remember that it’s important to only use dog-made shampoos for your pet’s fur as human shampoos are not create with the biology of dogs in mind and may irritate the skin, cause hair loss, or worse.

Nail Clips and Ear Cleaning

Most dog groomers include nail clipping and ear cleanings in their typical grooming packages and will do it as needed. It’s important to make sure dogs have well clipped and maintained nails as nails that are too long can become painful and stop your pet from stepping flatly on her paw as she should. This could cause scraps, infection, or overall discomfort that is not good for posture or spinal and knee health. With regular ear-cleanings, your dog is cleared of infection or ear mites by the groomer or you’re given the whistleblowing needed to take your pet to vets in Meridian.

Dog Grooming and Vets in Meridian Work Together

Everything you do for your pet will affect your pet’s health and life. Dog groomers and vets in Meridian care about pets and they care about your family which is one of the many reasons they work together in an attempt to create and maintain better dog health for your family pet.