What a Rotational Diet Means for Dog Food in Meridian

There are many vets who stand behind the use of a rotational diet for dogs. The idea behind this is that you rotate the type of food you feed your dog. The optimal way to do this is with dry dog kibble, canned wet dog food, cooked meats and vegetables and raw meats and vegetables for your dog. If you are considering a rotational diet for your dog, then it can be helpful to understand the way this works as well as the way that it affects dog food in Meridian. Here are the things you should know about this.


The Benefits of a Rotational Diet

shutterstock_114677053__1455642882_83618The first thing to understand with this is why a pet parent would choose to go with a rotational diet for dog food in Meridian. The main benefit here is it provides the best possible nutrition for your dog. Even if you use the best possible dog food in Meridian it will still not provide your dog with complete nutrition. By varying the way you feed your dog you can ensure they get complete nutrition. In addition to this, it is also helpful for keeping your dog hydrated. Kibble is drying and giving your dog kibble day in and day out can cause them to become dehydrated which can lead to many health concerns that are eliminated by a rotational diet for dog food in Meridian.


It is also important to note that boredom can play a huge factor in rotational diets. Many dogs get bored of eating the same food for every meal. Think about for yourself. Even if you love pizza if you ate it for every meal you would get bored of it after a while. By rotating the foods you feed your dog you can help to eliminate this boredom.


The Basics of Dog Food in Meridian with Rotational Dietsshutterstock_103711649__1455640250_26633

Just because you are rotating your dog’s food does not mean you can just start buying any sort of food and feeding it to them. Rather there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First of all, every bit of food you buy should be high quality. The point of this is to provide your dog with optimal nutrition and the only way to do this is with high quality food.


The next thing you will want to do is research the vegetables that you will give your dog. There are some that are very healthy for dogs such as carrots, spinach, and green beans and there are others that are not healthy for them such as onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Make sure you have a list of the items you can give them and the ones you want to stay away from so you do not harm your dog with the food you give them.
Another thing to keep in mind is your dog’s stomach will usually not like the transition to the rotational diet. You may find your dog gets sick or has diarrhea. If this happens, give him some canned sweet potatoes to help with the stomach issues. You may want to transition slowly like changing food sources every couple days rather than everyday or every meal.