Ways You May be Feeding Your Dog Wrong

Most pet parents think they do a good job feeding their pet. You make sure they have plenty of food to eat so what’s the problem right? The truth is that there are many mistakes you could be making when feeding your dog  food in Meridian. Here are the mistakes you should know about.


You Do Not Measure Your Dog’s  Foodshutterstock_103711649__1455640250_26633

If you want to make sure your dog is getting the right amount of food for their height and weight, then you should be measuring the food you give them. This will help to keep their calorie count in check which will help reduce the chances for your dog becoming overweight. If you are not sure how much dog food in Meridian you should be feeding your dog, then the best thing to do is speak with your vet.


You Free Feed Your Dog

Free feeding is the practice of putting a bowl down with food in it and filling it every time it is empty. Most people do not see the harm in this because they think their dog will know when they are full. However, dogs are actually scavengers which means they will eat and eat. This means your dog will take in an excess of calories and unless they are extremely active this can lead to obesity.


You Feed Your Dog too Many Treats

Another issue when it comes to dog food in Meridian is that feeding too many treats can take your dog over their daily caloric allotment. While feeding treats to your dog is not bad, they are high in calories. Make sure you do not feed too many to your dog and you account for this with their feeding schedule.


You Feed Your Dog Table Scraps

Again this is not something that is inherently wrong. In fact, people food can be healthy for dogs. The problem here is that it can be higher in calories and most people do not think about these extra calories they are feeding their dog. In addition to this, there are many foods that are not safe for dogs such as garlic, onions, grapes and more. You want to make sure your dog is not ingesting these foods. Also, keep in mind that your dog’s stomach is not designed to handle high fat foods like a person’s is so be sure you don’t give them fried foods.


You Feed  Them Whatever is on Sale

shutterstock_114677053__1455642882_83618While finding a good deal is a great thing, there are times in life when going with something simply because it is the right price is not a good idea- and buying dog food in Meridian is one of these times. You want to make sure your dog is getting a high quality food that will give them the nutrients they need to keep them healthy. Poor quality foods are loaded with fillers to make them cheap and will not provide the nutrition your dog needs to stay healthy throughout their life.