Do Dogs Really Need a Sweater in the Winter?

As the weather gets cold you start reaching for your sweater or jacket before you leave the house. For many pet parents this also means dressing their pets in sweaters.  The question many people have is whether a dog sweater from pet stores in Meridian are really necessary. The answer is more than just a simple yes or no so here are the things to consider with this.


Is the Dog’s Coat Good Enough for Winter?

shutterstock_163920686__1456158027_57265Most people think that the dog’s coat is sufficient to keep them warm during the winter which is why they do not need a sweater. This seems to make sense because if not for this reason, then why else would a dog have the fur? Well the truth is that this is what it is made for but not all dog’s coats are made the same as dogs come from different regions. So chihuahuas which were originally from Mexico have a lighter coat designed for mild winters and hot summers. Then there are other dogs with thicker or even double coats to keep them warm during the winter months. It is also worth noting that if you keep your dog’s fur short to avoid matting then this can affect how warm they stay outside in the winter.


So What’s the Verdict?

The idea here is that you really need to understand your dog’s coat in order to determine whether they need a winter coat. You want to take into account the breed as well as how you have their fur cut to determine whether or not you need to go to pet stores in Meridian to buy a sweater for your dog.  If you are still torn about whether or not your dog needs the sweater you can always talk with your vet. They will be able to give you an idea of whether it will help or just serve as an annoyance to your dog.


Choosing the Right Sweatershutterstock_253544695__1456158004_37571

If you decide that you will buy a sweater from pet stores in Meridian, then you want to make sure you get the right one. More than just looking at your dog’s weight, you want to take their measurements so you can find the one that best fits them. In addition to this you need to think about how thick of a sweater you need as well as how easily your dog can move around in the sweater. You should also make sure you can easily get the sweater on and off your dog so it is easier for both of you.


Don’t Forget About Their Feet!

Another thing you need to think about when determining the appropriate attire for your dog in the winter is to think about covering their feet. Just as hot pavement will hurt your dog’s paws so will the snow over time. This can cause the paw pads to be rough and crack in addition to causing discomfort for your pet. You can find shoes for your dog at pet stores in Meridian. Some dogs are very resistant to wearing shoes. If your dog is like this, try to keep them out of the snow and apply ointment to their paw pads regularly during the cold months.